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When I think of being British, I think of our love of tea and cakes.  Not to mention good pub grub at a traditional pub, having a drink and having some witty banter.

What about being transported into a periodical drama every time I drive through the windy country roads (anywhere outside the M25) and our rich interesting history of Kings and Queens.  The list could go on and on, but one important, very British thing to do is, giving greeting cards!

Britains Love of Gifting Cards

As a nation we take pleasure in giving and receiving a greeting card.  This culture is the biggest in the world and some say we are 10 years ahead of any other county in terms of our cards.  It is no secret, however, that this greeting card giving culture is getting a bit stale and in desperate need of a pick me up!

When I was young, it would be a real treat getting letters and cards through the post and reading all the personal messages that friends and family had taken the time to write.  I would carefully put them in my memory box which I can look back at and reminisce.

Nowadays, I get less and less cards through the post and these have been replaced by Whatsapp messages and Facebook posts.  As we all become more connected by technology, we are somehow less social and personally connected than ever.  It’s this small part of my British culture that I started to feel strongly about to preserve.  I guess being an 80’s baby…there are so many things that I remember growing up with that are no longer anymore…and giving cards and letters, is one that I didn’t want to also give up on.

When we started Cardology (interestingly named because of the link between our greeting cards and technology) we wanted to revive this great culture we have of gifting greeting cards.  We wanted to produce things that would actually delight the recipient enough that they wouldn’t want to throw it away! An amazing surprise and something that they would remember – not a boring generic greeting card that will be ripped open to reveal the gift card inside.

We decided that making greeting cards that said “Happy Birthday” was not something we were going to do.  We wanted to look at people’s interests, hobbies, and events to get inspiration for our work.

If you knew someone who completed the Marathon or a friend who just did their first Iron Man challenge, how amazing would it be to give them a miniature version of the Tower Bridge and route map printed on it? A real memento and thoughtful gift in itself.  Rather than a boring, general Congratulations card with a champagne glass on it…

Marathon 2

What about your dad whose passion is playing golf on a Sunday with his buddies – would you rather send a generic “Happy Birthday” card or something that is so tailored to their interests that is becomes so personal.

Golf Greeting Card

I don’t mean, Moonpig personal.

I mean, delicately personal.  It really shows that you have thought about them and their interests and have found something that is so relevant to them only.

This is our way, small as it may be, of trying to improve our personal connections as a society but also to preserve this very British act of gifting cards and make people delighted to give one to their loved ones!

Thank you for all your support and for believing in Cardology!


Please share your moments of giving or receiving a Cardology card so we can see your delight and know that our cards are making people happy! Share it via Instagram (@cardologyltd) and we will add you to our next “Cardology Loves” post :)


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