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The festive season is truly upon us!  With less than 2 weeks to go until Christmas and New Year fast approaching, means all those swanky parties from people you know and those you ‘kinda-but-don’t-really know-know’ have started to arrive – which means gifts.

What do you buy the party host you ‘kinda-but-don’t-really-know-know’?  We’ve put together a few items that we think are pretty cool gifts to give:



Everyone knows a Dyptique candle is a synonymous with quality, comfort and an enduring level of chic. Incense, Myrrh and Sweet Cinnamon characterise Intense Tears; a special edition holiday season candle created alongside Parisian artist Philppe Baudeloque.

Diptyque Paris Candle




 World Architecture Calendar

Avid Traveller or a host with an eye for detail? Gift them our wonderful 2018 World Architecture (free-standing) pop-up calendar.  It works beautifully as a table centerpiece or equally well in the study.

Cardology World Architecture Pop Up CalendarCardology World Architecture Pop Up Calendar



Doggie Treats

Know that they’re a dog lover? No host can resist a gift for their beloved four-legged friend. Impress them with a beautiful homemade dog treat. Pretty Fluffy have a selection of 5 DIY dog treat recipes to choose from. Best gifted in a mason jar adorned with a festive ribbon.


Foux du Fafa Macarons

We love Foux du FaFa’s Salted Caramel, Mohito and Matcha macarons…they’re made fresh to order and packaged beautifully. The thing we love the most is you can order any flavor combination your mind can conjure, which means macaron perfection!

Prices start from £10


Super-Size Biscuits

Fortnum and Masons Chocolossus biscuits are super-sized, chewy, crunchy and chocolaty. What else could you want from a biscuit? Gift them in their suitably large opulent gold tin – and whilst you’re at it why not gift yourself a tin too.

Fortnum and Mason Chocolate Biscuits



Paper 1

Gentner Design play with optical illusion in their Paper Series. This tarnished brass bowl is uniquely hand-sculpted to resemble crumpled paper.  Being obsessed with paper (obvs!) we absolutely love this gift.



Chic Tableware

How about some more brass for your money? Michele Varian offers these elegant solid brass salad servers with finely textured handles. Beautiful as part of a delicately laid table or simply as decoration.

Brass Salad Spoons



Organisation Station

It may look boring, but it serves its purpose perfectly. Conceived exclusively for men, Le Videpoche’s wallet tray has space for the items most commonly found in a man’s pocket – phone, wallet, keys and coins. Organisation done well.

Wallet and Key Tray



Champagne and Truffles

Who can resist the perfect pairing? Harrods luxury Champagne and Truffles for the win every time.



Non-Alcoholic Sophisticated Drinking

Non-drinkers? Gift them one – or both of Seedlip’s beautifully crafted non-alcoholic spirits. Created to be used as mixers, one is aromatic, earthy and woodsy, the other herbal, grassy and floral.

Seedlip Drinks



Absolute Flowers

Absolute Flowers And Home are the very best of the best when it comes to visually spellbinding contemporary bouquets. Place an order via their online shop, stating colour choice and size and let them do what they do best. Add a note in the box explaining it’s a gift for a host you don’t know too well and you want to make a big impression. You will not be disappointed.

From £65


Vintage Vogue Linear Coasters

These Vintage Vogue Linear Coasters have a modern finesse that your host will love. Hand crafted and painted in Designer Charlotte Cannon’s studio in Baltimore, the combination of wood, coloured emulsion and gold leaf is appropriate for a wide range of decors.

Vintage Vogue Linear Coasters



We hope the above, has given you a few ideas in the run up to Christmas and will leave your host talking about it long after!




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