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Halloween Pop Up Card Invite

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The UK’s hot on the heels of America when it comes to Halloween; it’s now firmly ‘a thing’ here. Since it’s officially ‘a thing’ we thought we probably ought to write about it…so here’s how to host the perfect Halloween Party in 7 simple spooky steps (obligatory Halloween reference).


Invite your besties! Obviously. And if you’re an opportunist, maybe a few people you’re not that fond of because now’s your chance to scare the crap out of them with your Halloween efforts. Never ones to leave you hanging, we have the perfect invite – our spooky Halloween Pop Up Card. Cop it whilst it’s here!


We’re staying with the simple but effective theme as we know your time is precious, so first up is flying bats.

1 – Using a white sheet of paper, print out this simple Bat template from Enjoy Creative Fun.  Cut it out and fold the bat in half.  Then, get yourself some black card and fold it down the middle.  Wrap the folded template around the folded black card and draw around it.  Cut out as many bats as you need and use blu tack to arrange across your wall or door. Hey presto!



2 – Cover empty glass jars in bandages, decorate with menacing stick-on eyes and mouths and place a tea light in each one. Arrange them strategically around your space or along a hallway for a sinister low-light environment.


Halloween - Bandage wrapped jars


3 – Follow this really cool and easy video on how to make DIY creepy spiders which you can strategically place all around your home to give your guests a fright!

4. Pimp up your pumpkins!  We love the alternative pumpkin ideas from Woman’s Day Magazine. Not a carving knife in sight…



5 – Buy a basic black large plastic cauldron, cover the legs with a pair of tights filled with fabric, socks, newspaper – whatever you have, add a pair of ‘witches boots’ which you can decorate to fit your theme and you’ve got a fun Halloween decoration. You can fill it with sloppy cold porridge and a combination of trick and treats for your guest to lucky dip during the night.


6 – Hang black or silver balloons off of thin wire from your ceiling at different heights to create an atmospheric walkway with the illusion of floating balloons.

7 – Don’t forget to decorate the doors, windows and mirrors with a ‘spider’s web’.  This set comes with plastic spiders to create a really eery feel in your home!

A few more ideas:

Scoop out the flesh of a large pumpkin, fill it with ice and bottled drinks.

Write a sinister message in red (of course) on a strategically placed mirror.

Add mini fake spiders to your ice cube tray before freezing



Halloween is all about the gore! Your go-to drink this year should be bloody beetroot cocktails because a Halloween party without a nod to blood is like a pop-up greeting card without the pop-up inside.


“Finger” Food

Make sure your food offerings are on point. Can’t cook? It doesn’t matter because Halloween is all about finger food (get it, finger food – we know we’re terrible), we have a few ideas that’ll see you through.

1 – Fingers in Buns! Of course. Why would you want to eat anything else? Frankfurters work best but you can also use skinny sausages. Cook them and wait until they cool then carve out a fingernail shape at one end discarding the cut-out skin, score a few finger-like lines across them and place them in ketchup lined buns.  Voila. Another sickening foodie treat.


Halloween Fingers in Buns


2 – We love this one, even if it does make us feel a little sick. Carve a face into a pumpkin, place it strategically on a serving tray. Make up a large batch of guacamole and lay it out so it looks like this! Add tortilla chips or crudités on the side and you’re ready to entertain.



A few more ideas:

Dip apples in white chocolate and place in the fridge, once they’ve hardened decorate them with ghoulish faces using squeezy icing.

Mix up a basic cake batter, colouring it a toxic green using food colouring. Once cooled, decorate with green butter cream (colour it using the same food colouring) and green sweeties or M&Ms.

Fill mini cauldrons with popcorn .

Shot syringes – fill syringes with a shot size serving of your favourite spirit.


Halloween Makeup

If you’re all about Youtube inspo and going it alone Cosmopolitan – yes you heard right – Cosmopolitan have nailed it with 35 Halloween make up looks designed to make party-goers look thrice!

They have covered pretty much every look you can think of from zombified, to golden goddess, ice queen, to werewolf, vampire and even Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. More unique tutorials include mermaid, snap chat filter and unzipping your face to reveal your rainbow skin beneath. You’ll be party ready before you can say party ready.




Halloween costumes go from the downright ridiculous to the utmost elegant. We’ll let you guys decide whether you’re going for laughs or lavish. Here are a few ideas:

The ubiquitous unicorn

S&M style

All that sparkles is a mermaid or a merman

Edgy cocktail style

Glow stick jellyfish

A hamburger and chips (duo)


The Joker

Full on ball gown style

Masked Ball (make your own mask)

Orange Is The New Black jumpsuits

Ninjago Lego Ninjas

Samba Dancer (full costume)


Goody Bags

In the spirit of London Fashion Week – and because you know that your party is going to be fabulous – Goody Bags are a MUST. Here are ten goody bag ideas which we’re sure you can ‘adult’ up with a little creativity (think about what you choose to fill them with and how much or little decoration to have on the outside.



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