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Kripa and David, Co-Founders of Cardology

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Want to know a little bit about the people behind and in front of Cardology? Take a seat with Cardology’s Senior Designer, Kripa Shah to talk Game of Thrones, London Design Festival and design inspiration…


Have you always worked in Design?

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering and worked in this field for 13 years which helped me to understand and pick up the concept of Sliceform (paper engineering) really quickly. I’ve always been creative and over the years have dabbled in jewellery design, glass painting and art on the side. I have loved unleashing my creative side as engineering is very logical. It’s been amazing to finally fulfill my dream of combining my love for design and art with my passion for engineering. It was very serendipitous really.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mainly from observing upcoming trends, for example we recently designed Unicorn,  Flamingo and Pineapple cards.  But we also get a lot of inspiration from our customers, which is great.

From the early stages of Cardology, we realised that focusing on people’s hobbies and interests was the way to create very personal cards that resonate with people. For example, if a good friend recently completed the Iron Man triathlon, what could be better than giving them a triathlon pop up card with a witty quip on the cover? – Rather than an ordinary congratulations card. Our latest creations which are still a working progress, include, a cricket and rowing card which we have been asked for many times. We are very quick to catch on to what people want and deliver some amazing cards to fill the gap!


What was the highlight for you at this years London Design Festival?

It has to be Gateways by Adam Nathaniel Furman. I totally loved the unexpected use of specially selected Turkish ceramics in creating each 4M high gateway. And I love how each gateway was designed and set in Granary Square in a way which enabled the viewer to see the beauty of each one simultaneously, then as you walk through and see each one in it’s entirety it becomes even more jaw dropping – a clever and exciting use of perspective.


I’d love a bespoke pop up card design. Can I commission you?

Yes! We can definitely take on bespoke commissions. We’ve already worked with some fantastic well known brands to create some amazing VIP invites and corporate Christmas cards.

One project we are really proud of was for an architecture firm who commissioned us to design a 3D calendar with pop up buildings of all the countries in the world they had worked. The calendar was a huge hit with their clients. They received phone calls and emails from them telling them that it was the best calendar they had ever received. We love the challenge of a bespoke project as it allows us to really push boundaries, so if you have an idea or request get in touch here!


Bespoke Pop Up Calendar Project by Cardology








If you could design your perfect day what would it involve?

My perfect day involves a lot of food! Heehee…my favourite meal of the day is breakfast so I’d turn the alarm off and allow myself to wake up naturally before putting on a big spread for brunch. I’d love to sit outside if it was sunny and immerse myself in a good book whilst nibbling on a cheese board! Mmm…I love having friends over and hanging out in the comfort of my home so having a cosy and chilled day would be ideal to relax and really get my creative juices flowing.  I normally get my best ideas whilst daydreaming and switching off from the world.

My evening would usually finish with watching an episode of Game of Thrones, but I feel a bit lost without it now! I may have to start up another gripping series to fill the void it left behind!Haha


Founders of Cardology

[From L to R: Kripa, David, Dipa – Co-Founders of Cardology]

3 responses

  1. Sheila ingram :

    I was delighted to receive the information about your pop up calendars. Immediately ordered two for Christams presents for friends who have everything and need nothing! They will be just perfect, original and so stylish. Later today taking your dinasaur card down to Oxford to celebrate my granddaughter’s 21st birthday at her college. She is crazy about dinosaurs as well as original episodes of Startrek. Eve is studying Russian and French at St John’s.
    Thank you for all of your witty designs, they come to my rescue often! Sheila

    1. Admin :

      Hi Sheila, I’m so pleased to hear that you found the perfect gifts for your friends! I am sure you will get some great comments. I am sure the dinosaur card will be a huge hit with your granddaughter too and can’t wait to hear how she reacts when it’s opened!
      Our Co-founder, David, also went to Oxford and says that he hopes your granddaughter will ensure that you get to experience the St.John’s wine cellar :)
      Have a fantastic time and thank you for taking the time out of your day to write some lovely feedback.

  2. Mary Taylor :

    Absolutely loved reading your blog. We learn something new about each other every day !

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