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“Call Me Maybe” Pop Up Card

Looking for an innovative and thoughtful way to ask out a love interest? Our new ‘Call Me Maybe’ retro telephone pop up card may just raise a smile and get you that date! Either way…it’s got to be better than a text or WhatsApp message!

The Cover reads “Here’s My Number…So Call Me Maybe?” and when opened, up pops a retro telephone with a post it note for you to write your message – cool right?

– How It Is Made –
A unique gift in itself, the card is made from quality FSC-certified paper, and is designed to provoke an amazing reaction from the recipient. Inside, each piece is individually laser cut and slotted together by hand, before being attached into the card cover, allowing the red phone to ‘come to life’ when the card is opened.

– Dimensions –
The card is approximately 11cm by 17cm (l x w) when closed.

– Envelope –
Each card comes sealed, complete with an ivory envelope.

– Postage –
This card will fit as a large letter with a 1st or 2nd class stamp