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Love Bear Pop Up Card

Looking for really unique Valentines Day Cards? Our Love Bear Pop Up Card is the perfect keepsake for Valentines Day, a birthday or anniversary.  We wanted to create a cute shaggy teddy bear pop up card holding a sign of ‘LOVE’ which can be gifted to anyone of all ages. We were inspired to design a furry teddy bear card after being gifted with a Biggles the ‘pilot’ teddy bear from Harrods when I was a child. I treasured it and still remember it to this day. It may not a real teddy, but our Teddy Bear card can be a treasured keepsake for your loved ones to display and remember too.

– How It Is Made –
A unique gift in itself, the card is made from quality FSC-certified paper, and is designed to provoke an amazing reaction from the recipient. Inside, each piece is individually laser cut and slotted together by hand, before being attached into the card cover, allowing the cute furry teddy bear to ‘come to life’ when the card is opened.

– Dimensions –
The card is approximately 14.5cm by 14.5cm (l x w) when closed, and 14.5cm by 29cm by 15cm (l x w x h) when open.

– Envelope –
Each card comes sealed, complete with an ivory envelope.

– Postage –
This card will fit as a large letter with a 1st or 2nd class stamp