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Romeo & Juliet Pop Up Card

Inspired by our love of the bard – our handcrafted “Romeo and Juliet” pop up card can be used for a multitude of occasions, – be it to commemorate a special occasion, to let someone know you are thinking of them, or as a special memento – this card will definitely bring a smile to your loved one’s face! It will leave a lasting impression on the recipient, and can easily be showcased on a shelf or mantelpiece for all to talk about.

Comedy and tragedy are etched on the burgundy cover. When opened, up pops a theatre scene complete with orchestra. But the magic doesn’t end there, looking closer you see Romeo reaching out to his Juliet on her balcony as he bids her goodnight, accompanied by the quotation “Good night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night til it be morrow.”

A unique gift in itself, the card is made from quality FSC-certified paper, and is designed to provoke an amazing reaction from the recipient. Inside, each piece is individually laser cut and slotted together by hand, before being anchored with hand-stitched thread into the card, allowing the Shakespearian drama to ‘come to life’ when the card is opened.

Each card comes sealed, complete with an ivory envelope.

The card is approximately 14.5cm by 14.5cm (l x w) when closed, and 14.5cm by 29cm by 9cm (l x w x h) when open.