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Christmas Box Pop Up Card

We’ve been selling cards for a number of years now and, in our experience, the main reason people love giving our Cardology cards is because they know they will be treasured. This frequently means that, even if they only next see their loved one months later, there’s a good chance they’ll find their card is still out and on display.

Our Christmas Box Card takes this concept to an all new level: Within the high quality envelope supplied, we give you a beautifully sculpted paper bell that you can personalise so your loved one will always remember the card came from you. Then we turn to our box. The great thing about this card is it is an absolutely exquisite decoration in itself, meaning that, for the price of a normal card, it can be put out year after year after year. No need to thank us – you just need to decide who’s truly deserving of such a card.

A unique gift in itself, the card is made from quality FSC-certified paper, and is designed to provoke an amazing reaction from the recipient. Inside, each piece is individually laser cut and slotted together by hand, before being anchored with hand-stitched thread into the card, allowing the the festive scene to ‘come to life’ when the card is opened.

Each card comes sealed, complete with an ivory envelope.