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Wedding Center Piece for under a tenner

With two feet firmly into wedding season we think it’s time to talk center pieces. Planning on celebrating with a rustic, vintage or a garden party theme?  – Then this beautifully quaint center piece is the one for you. Would you believe us if we told you that you could DIY it for under a tenner – no neither would we – but it’s true, you can. And because we know makers are always gonna make and crafters are always gonna craft, we’re sharing it with you so you can make your own beautiful center pieces.

You’re going to need:

Your hands (easy)




Kraft paper


Mini birdcages

Paper roses/Dried rose buds

Tea lights


Where to buy this crafty goodness? Below the instructions you’ll find all the links.


  • Wrap books in Kraft paper
  • Choose three or four books per table – place the largest/chunkiest book first, stack them up, smallest on top
  • Place a birdcage on top with a tea light inside
  • Cut the stems off the paper roses then use approx eight – ten per table. Place them on the books and a few on the table. Ensure they are evenly spaced out
  • Scatter approx two handfuls of the dried rose buds and roses in a circle around the books and place a few on the books themselves
  • You can add any further embellishments in keeping with the theme to your DIY table center piece



Large Birdcage: Price – £12

Small Birdcage: Price – £3.35 plus £5.50 Delivery

 Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper: Price: £13.75 (Free P&P)

Measurements: 750mm x 50m (enough for 3/4 books per table: 20 tables)

Calculations: (Roughly 1m per 2 books)

Chunky Books

Different sizes (biggest and chunkiest book on the base, smaller on top)

Price: Free – borrow them from family and friends

Paper Roses

Mulberry Peach Paper Roses: Price: £5.50 plus £5.42 Delivery (25 Roses per pack)

Measurements: 4cm width with stems you can cut off

Calculations: Use approx eight – ten roses per table. Cut the stems off.  10 per table, requires 200 roses for 20 tables.  Therefore, 8 packs of 25 will be required (8 x 5.50= £44 plus £5.42 delivery)

Dried Roses

Dried Peach Rose Buds: Price – £35.99 plus £3.99 Delivery (500g pack)

The website is a bit clunky, so best to email them with your requirements They offer great service and have a great product

Calculations: 2 handfuls per table (approx.) will be 40 buds per table.   For 20 tables, you would need 800 buds.  With 50g being approximately 100 buds, you would require 400g.  Therefore, for 20 tables, the 500g pack should be sufficient

 Tea lights

Unscented Standard Tea lights: Price: £2.25 for 100

If the venue doesn’t allow traditional tea lights or you simply want to use a battery operated version

Battery Operated Tea lights: Price: £12 for 48 tea lights


The boring but important part:


(Based on 20 tables)

Cheapest Option (using small birdcages and unscented standard tea lights)

Birdcage – 20 x £3.35 = £66.96 + £5.50 Delivery

Tea lights – £2.25 + £5.25 Delivery (unless you buy in store)

Kraft Paper – £13.75 (Free P&P)

Books – FREE

Mulberry Roses – 8 x £5.50 = £44.00 plus £5.42 Delivery

Dried Rose Buds – 1x 500g pack = £35.99 plus £3.99 Delivery

Total £183.11

Based on 20 tables that’s only £9.15 per table for your DIY center piece*.

Get making. You’ll be left with corners of the mouth turning up and you’ll feel accomplished when you see your creation on display on the big day. If you’re crafting on behalf of the bride and groom, order our contemporary or traditional style pop-up wedding greeting cards to gift to the happy couple and receive free postage (terms and conditions apply). If you post your creation on social media use the hashtags #MakeItMonday and #Cardology because this way we can big you up. Happy making.

*This doesn’t include center pieces for the head table. This is based on round tables.

Feel free to do your own calculations if you are using trestle tables and want to have 2 center pieces per table.


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