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Get organised so you can smash the heck out of life! Out of the ball park, going, going, gone! – Okay that may be a tad melodramatic, but we thought it sounded good so we wanted to get it in. We are talking organisation and craft this fortnight though. The August bank holiday’s long come and gone, along with it the hyperness and sunshine of Notting Hill carnival sob sob, so apparently it’s time to look ahead, get organised and start preparing for the new season. September is here which means autumn is around the corner, a whole new season means a whole new organised you. Yes, really. A whole new organised you. We know you’re not ready to think about it, so we’ve done all the thinking for you. Along with the hyperlinking, so all you have to do is click to purchase cool and functional crafted products that make you… well… more cool and functional.


Away Travel Cases

Packing Geek? Yes – time to celebrate with a victory run to the airport gate.  No – you will be once you own an Away case. They landed in the UK earlier this year and all the celebs and bloggers in the know are toting theirs around like oversized handbags on wheels, they love them that much*. The list of why you need this suitcase in your life so you can smash the heck out of it (there it is again!) is endless, but we’re going to try and fit it into the next 110 words. Here goes; the carry on case has an integrated battery which can charge any USB device (need we say more), it bends under pressure rather than the default of other cases – breaking, it’s beautifully matte, scratch resistant and timeless, available in a range of classic colours, the 360 wheel rotation makes for seamless manoeuvring, it comes with a nylon laundry bag so you don’t have to air your dirty laundry in public when that random suitcase check is carried out and it is a compartamentalists** heaven. And (gasp) we forgot to say you can get your case monogrammed or cover it in Away stickers to placate the child in you.

*this may or may not be slight hyperbole

**this isn’t a real word we made it up

Prices start from £225


Nomatic Planner

What is there not to love about the Nomatic Planner? It reminds us of the quietly classic Moleskine but it has a whole host of clever tricks amongst its pages which make it the ultimate organisation partner. This autumn you’re going to be swinging from the mane of the organisation unicorn with ease because you’ll be winning at life using this beauty. Main features include:  whiteboard paper (you can write notes and erase them like you would on a whiteboard), a back pocket for storage, integrated pen holder, dual elastics for functional viewing, lined and blank paper, perforated pages and more. If you find you’re not swinging from the mane of the organisation unicorn, you can send it back and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Appx £20

Black Nomatic Notebook

Kitty McCall Wash/Travel BagsWe love these bold patterned wash/travel/make up (delete as appropriate) bags by Kitty McCall. They’re 100% cotton with waterproof lining and keep all your bits and bobs in one place – fabulously. She does laptop and ipad cases too. Winning!

Prices start from £28



Trying to perfect your life-work balance? Struggling to make it to that weekly yoga class? Struggle no more, simply subscribe to Yogaglo, an unlimited monthly yoga and meditation subscription that has every type of yoga you’ll want to do all in easy to follow videos. Classes are divided by style, ease, length of time or focus and work to your schedule lasting anywhere from 10 mins up to 2 hours for a thorough practise.

Subscription at approx £14 per month


George & Willy Daily Roller

Things happen when you write them down. George and Willy’s words not ours – though we wholeheartedly agree. We’re big on writing things down then gleefully crossing them off – join us, with one of these cool aluminium wall mounted paper rollers – designed in proportion with intimate spaces encouraging you to focus on personal productivity and organisation. Paper roll included. It’s ticking all the boxes.  



WATG Laptop/Tablet Case

If you fancy getting hands on you can crochet your own chic laptop or tablet case with Wool And  The Gang Kits; Larry’s Laptop Case or Steve’s Sleeve. Finish your work of art off with a premium leather flap and choose personalised embossing when you order so everyone knows who it belongs to.

Prices start from£29.95


Que Water Bottle

Switch to this functional and fashionable space saver, a water bottle that twists down to fit snugly into your bag. Perfect if you’re someone who carries everything but the kitchen sink with them.

Prices start from approx £16


Untranslatable Words Card Set

We know this post is about getting it together, but for those times when you don’t quite manage it (most likely after a long lazy sleep-inducing lunch) and you can’t find the words to express how you feel, shove an untranslatable word card in the face of the person nearest to you . They may be untranslatable but they enable the perfect expression for when words fail you. Beautifully ironic right? We thought so.



Keta’s Creations Notebooks

Keta’s having fun with marble creating bespoke high quality notebooks for you, which remind us of candyfloss, fluffy poodles, and icy sorbet. Yes please! They are finished with wording of your choice in a high shine iridescent foil. Whether you’re journaling or jotting down your to-do list we know you’ll be feeling all kinds of whimsical smugness with one of these in hand.

£12 Keta’s Creations Studio



No more hanging items up only for them to slip off two seconds later, the wave hook secures your hats, bags, umbrella, scarves and coats (all of which you’ll need for a UK autumn of course) with ease and pizzazz. Yes we did just use the word pizzazz. And no, we’re not sorry.

Prices start from approx £58

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