About Cardology


When an ordinary card just won’t do, our memorable Pop Up Cards are gifts in themselves and are designed to make a lasting impression.

Unlikely to ever meet the recycle bin, these miniature works of art are usually found in pride of place on the mantlepiece for a very long time.

They can be used for a multitude of occasions, like, if you are going to a wedding and want a beautiful card to put the vouchers in? Or perhaps your best friend has had a new baby and you want to gift her with a keepsake she can treasure?

What about if your partner has just done the marathon for the first time and you want something memorable to gift or maybe you have a relative in hospital so you want a beautiful card that pops up like a bunch of flowers?

Whatever the occasion, our cards never fail to get an amazing reaction of pure surprise and delight, which is just priceless!

In this fast paced digital world we live in, there’s nothing like the surprise of receiving snail mail; wondering who it’s from and what’s inside.

There’s something special in its permanency, its tangibility, the fact that you can revisit the words on paper again and again, a keepsake that enables you to connect along that invisible thread to the sender time and time again; pretty much the same way our popup greeting cards do.

That is why we put a lot of love into them, from our initial design work to our prototypes all the way through to the hand assembly.

It all matters. It’s all about reconnecting in a meaningful way

Dipa Shah

The Journey So Far

Founded in 2014, the family-run business offers fresh and creative pop up cards and prints from their innovative design studio in Surrey. The team of three; sisters Dipa Shah (Founder & Designer), Kripa Shah (Founder & Senior Designer) and Kripa’s husband David Falkner (Founder & Trade Director) – combine their engineering and design backgrounds with an eye for fine detail to produce amazing 3D pop-up greetings cards and art prints with the wow factor.

Their showstopping, painstakingly handcrafted cards are a true labour of love. Using complicated paper-engineering techniques (Kirigami and Sliceform) to create 3D models, the particularly intricate cards open up 180 degrees to reveal a hidden surprise inside, much to the delight of their lucky recipient.

“We wanted to create amazing 3D cards that were perfect for the UK consumer, after first discovering this style of card during our travels around Asia. We were bursting with ideas of how we could transform this artform and create wonderful cards that our customers would feel proud to gift their loved ones. Lucky for us our engineering and computing backgrounds meant we were able to start designing our own cards that we knew the British public would love! We take inspiration from the latest and emerging trends in British culture to create unique cards that will leave a lasting impression (Dipa)”

Starting from humble beginnings, all three founders packed in their day jobs to start up their family venture in 2014 and used a small spare box room at their parent’s home to run their operations.

“We all moved back in with mum and dad (much to mum’s despair) and ran our business from a small box room and a bit of space in the garage (courtesy of dad!). It was a tough initially as we were all living and working together in a small confined space. But the journey has been incredible and to see how far we have progressed is something we are all really proud of (Kripa)”

Fast forward to now, Cardology are proud to have designed work for a range of household names clients including Sotheby’s, the National Gallery, the House of Commons and Transport Scotland.

They regularly feature in influential magazines and national publications such as the Sunday Times, Stylist magazine, Evening Standard and even made their TV debut on ITV This Morning for their Valentine’s Day segment with Ruth and Eamonn.

Most recently, the team have entered into an exciting partnership with Warner Bros, to bring much loved characters such as Harry Potter, Batman, and Wonder Woman to full pop-up life. The team are also to be working with country lifestyle brand ‘Joules’ to offer some fabulous rural cards as a fitting tribute to Cardology’s very first customer base.

Cardology’s magical take on the traditional card market has also built them a strong celebrity following, but the team prefer to keep the exact details of who’s buying to themselves:

“Of course it’s amazing to know some of the people who’ve received our cards and there have been several times where we’ve acted cool, before making excited, squealing, phone calls home. One of our favourites was when we were nonchalantly commissioned to produce a particularly special card for someone with a personal audience at a rather well-known house at the end of The Mall. However, as with everything we send, the most important thing is the reaction these cards then get, and what better endorsement than to have someone who could choose anything, opting to gift your work on to someone they love (David)”

The Sciencey Bit

The Cardology team focus on creating pop up cards using some amazing but somewhat complicated paper-engineering techniques. They create 3D models by interlocking pieces of card together.

The process from idea to final card design can sometimes take up to 6 weeks.

After the initial sketch is completed, the design in drawn on screen using a variety of product design software and computer aided design tools.

It takes a few iterations to ensure that the Pop Up Cards do actually fold down and fit into the card perfectly.

Lastly, they create an electronic sheet with all individual pieces or ‘slices’ that will make up the card. These pieces are then laser cut, on chosen FSC certified papers, before each card is assembled by hand.

Fancy having a go?

Follow the steps in our tutorial to create a Birthday Present Pop Up Card yourself to best understand all the processes involved.

Create Magical Moments

Our range of premium quality pop up cards are all lovingly designed in the UK and then hand assembled, creating a keepsake that will leave a lasting impression on the lucky recipient.

You can find cards for all occasions and interests within our extensive range.


We process all orders within 1-2 business days and send via Royal Mail 24


We only use premium and sustainable cardstock


Each card is lovingly and carefully assembled by hand


We are a family business, based in the UK, designing Pop Up Cards since 2014


Read about our charity efforts here.