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At Cardology, we design exquisite handmade 3D pop up cards from our London studio.   When you want to gift something truly extraordinary, our greeting cards have the wow factor!  

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FREE UK Shipping on orders over £20

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We’re leaders in paper-engineered card design in the UK

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We create premium 3D Pop Up Cards and Art

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Each card is lovingly assembled by hand.

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We donate 10% of our profits to charity

There’s nothing like the surprise of receiving snail mail – wondering who it’s from and what’s inside. There’s something special in its permanency, its tangibility, the fact that you can revisit the words on paper again and again, a keepsake that enables you to connect along that invisible thread to the sender time and time again; pretty much the same way our popup greeting cards do. This is why we put a lot of love into them, from our initial design work to our prototypes all the way through to the hand assembly and hand stitching. It all matters. It’s all about reconnecting in a meaningful way.
Dipa – Co-Founder of Cardology