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Bespoke Projects

Looking for a way to cut through the noise and make a big impact on your clients?

Sending a corporate gift that is unique, thoughtful and won’t be forgotten is hard to do these days, but with our hand-assembled bespoke pop-up cards, you can bring your brand to ‘pop up’ life and make a huge memorable impression when they open it.

Bespoke cards can be used for many occasions, such as for corporate Christmas Cards for customers and staff, for a sales event you may be planning, a new and exciting product launch or to welcome new clients onboard in their welcome pack.  The possibilities are endless.

  • Design Fee

    A non-refundable design fee is applicable

  • Minimum Order

    Generally a minimum of 1000 units

  • Lead Time

    Standard lead time is typically 3 months

Leave a Lasting Impression

Clients will display their bespoke card on their desk, talk about and show your unique gift to colleagues and family members. Most importantly they will remember and appreciate you for sending them such a unique and surprising gift that will leave them speechless.

We’d Love To Work With You

Bespoke creations are where we thrive. 

We work with you very closely to gather your
ideas, give you our steers on what will make an even bigger impression on your customers, and ultimately create something amazing together, that we are both proud of.

Get in touch to discuss your next project.

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