Harry Potter Valentines Day cards, gifts and messages for him and her 2024

January 05, 2024 5 min read

Harry Potter Valentines Day cards, gifts and messages for him and her 2024

If your Valentine is a Harry Potter fan, then what better than a beautiful Harry Potter Valentine’s Day card to give the witch or wizard in your life! You’ll also find some ideas below for inspiration in what to write in your Harry Potter card this Valentine’s Day, as well as our superb Valentine's Day messages article, packed with messages for you to use.

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Harry Potter Valentine Cards | Harry Potter Valentine Messages | What to Write in your Harry Potter card | Magical Valentine’s Harry Potter messages for your ‘would be’ Valentine | If you’re both into Harry Potter in a big way this Valentine’s Day

Our official Harry Potter pop up cards all have pull out, concealed notecard so that the message can be tucked away when on display. Add to that the magical Harry Potter themed envelope and the fact that our pop up cards are often left on display long after the day, and you’ve got a Harry Potter gift and a card all in one!

True love Harry Potter card for your Valentine


Harry Potter patronus card featuring a colourful Doe pop up


An expression of true, long lasting love the Harry Potter patronus card is just the ticket if you’re looking for a Harry Potter Valentine card.

The beautiful cover reads "After All This Time?' a quote from Dumbledore as he saw Professor Snape’s patronus which showed how much he loved his childhood sweetheart still.

When the card is opened, colourful Doe pops up, with a heart on its chest as a symbol of undying love. Write your special message on the concealed note card and keep those private Harry Potter Valentine messages hidden when the card is displayed and in public view. 

With our special reversible packaging magically transforming into a Hogwarts themed envelope, this is a truly magical gift experience for Valentine’s Day from the moment your loved one receives his, her or their Harry Potter mail!



Hogwarts house themed cards – perfect for Valentine’s cards

Here are four Valentine’s Day cards for the Hogwarts house of your choice!
If your love identifies themselves as being best suited to a particular Hogwarts house, then these are the cards for you! Suitable for many occasions, including Valentine’s Day, these beautiful, gold foil embossed cards make an ideal edition to any gift you may give this Valentine’s Day. Inside the card it is blank for your special Valentine message and each comes with a smart, gold coloured envelope.

Gryffindor card

Hogwarts Gryffindor card


If your other half identifies strongly with Gryffindor, or you simply think they’ll love this Gryffindor card, then this beautiful, gold coloured card is the perfect choice.

The top of the card says ‘Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry’ and below that there is a gold silhouette of Hogwarts castle and a rampant lion. Around the lion it says 'Bravery determination, courage’ and ‘Gryffindor’.


Hogwarts Hufflepuff card

Hogwarts Hufflepuff card

The perfect Valentine for the Hufflepuff in your life. A beautiful gold foiled embossed Harry Potter Hufflepuff cardwith a blank inside ready for your special Valentine message. At the top of the card are the words, ‘Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry’ in golden capital letters. It features a rampant badger, a silhouette of Hogwarts and the words ‘Dedication, patience, loyalty’ ‘’Hufflepuff’. So if your other or better half is dedicated, patient and loyal, this could be just the Valentine’s card for them!

Ravenclaw Harry Potter card for Valentine’s Day


Ravenclaw Harry Potter card


If ‘learning wit and wisdom’ are your better half’s forte and they love their Harry Potter, then this could be the best Valentine’s Day card possible! Featuring a swooping raven, this beautify, embossed, golf foiled Harry Potter Ravenclaw card has the words ‘Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry’ in gold and capital letters along the top of the card. Around the raven are the words ‘Learning wit wisdom’ in gold lettering and above right is a gold silhouette of Hogwarts castle.


Slytherin Hogwarts Harry Potter card


Slytherin Hogwarts Harry Potter card


This beautifully gold foiled embossed Harry Potter Slytherin card is the perfect and unique Valentine card for the Slytherin Hogwarts fan in your life, or even your ambitious snake loving ‘mad about Hogwarts’ other half! With ‘Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry’ along the top of the card in capitalised gold lettering, it features a rearing snake, with the words ‘Ambition, pride cunning’ and ‘slytherin’, and in the background, a silhouette of Hogwarts castle.


Hogwarts Harry Potter card


Hogwarts crest Harry Potter card showing the symbols from each house


This gold and multi coloured foiled, embossed Harry Potter Hogwarts card is a beautiful card suitable for many occasions including Valentine’s Day. Featuring a gold coloured foiled and embossed Hogwarts crest surrounded with multi coloured flowers and the four house symbols of a lion for Gryffindor, badger for Hufflepuff, snake for Slytherin and raven for Ravenclaw. Blank inside, you can write the Harry Potter themed message of your choice!

How about something uniquely Harry Potter, like Hogwarts Castle?! Check out our range pop up cards for the Harry potter Card of your choice!




Harry Potter Valentine Messages

What to Write in your Harry Potter card.

If you and your other half are Harry Potter mad, then throw in some magic into the mix with our Harry Potter themed messages.


  • Our magic grows with every day. All my love.
  • Every day is magic with you.
  • Wishing you a magical day, with all my love.
  • I don’t need a love potion when I’m around you.
  • You enchanted me the moment we met.
  • Let’s have a magical day together.
  • Our love is stronger than magic.



Magical Valentine’s Harry Potter messages for your ‘would be’ Valentine

Maybe you’ve been working up the courage to ask your Valentine on a date. Give them a heavy hint and if they don’t get it, perhaps a potion is the next thing to try. Just avoid serenading them in a crowded corridor – that didn’t work out well for Ginny…  Try these magical lines instead:

  • Do you want to go out for a spell?
  • I’m spellbound by you
  • Work your magic on me
  • You’re totally wizard! Please put a spell on me and I’ll be yours!





If you’re both into Harry Potter in a big way this Valentine’s Day

If you and your other special half identify with particular pairings in Harry Potter, then why not add a little extra Harry Potter magic into the mix.

Whether you identify more with Ron and Hermione or Harry and Ginny, there’s something for everyone and you can swap out the names you identify with best! Just don’t mix them up!

  • Will you be the Harry to my Ginny?
  • Will you be the Ginny to my Harry?
  • Be my Hermione and I'll be your Ron!
  • I’m your Hermione and you’re my Ron!

We hope you enjoyed this post and please, please let us know how your Harry Potter Valentine card was received and any special Harry Potter messages you’d like to share for next Valentine’s Day’s card!

Now we have to disapparate - our flu powder is all used up you see - bye! ‘Pop’.

Keith Saye
Keith Saye

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