40 + Valentine’s Message Ideas for husband, wife, boyfriend & girlfriend

February 01, 2022 5 min read

40 + Valentine’s Message Ideas for husband, wife, boyfriend & girlfriend

It’s never too early to start thinking about what to write in your valentine’s card! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got you covered with our 40 +  original messages we wrote especially for you, whether you want sweet or funny, long or short… you name it! It seems to get harder each year to come up with a creative and original message to your other half, so make this a Valentines to remember with one of our messages and Valentine's cards.

Have a nice browse through all our different messages or dive straight into the section you want:

First Valentines Together | For Boyfriend / Fiancé / Husband | For Girlfriend / Fiancé / Wife | Heartfelt, Cheesy, Sappy & Romantic | Cheeky & Flirty | Funny & Jokey | Short & Simple | For Long Distance Couples | For Friends & Family | Belated | From the dog / cat | Anonymous | Valentine’s Quotes

Beautiful Valentine's Day pop up card saying I Heart You, with flowers around it

First Valentines Together

It’s your first Valentine’s together as a couple – how exciting! Commemorate the occasion with one of these loving messages.

Our first Valentine's Day and the first of many.


  • Happy Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait for all the future valentines to come.
  • Here’s to many more valentines together.
  • I feel so lucky to be able to call you my valentine.
  • Thank you for being the reason I look forward to Valentine’s Day now.



For Boyfriend / Fiancé / Husband

You’ve found your prince charming, so make him feel like royalty this Valentine’s Day.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my gorgeous boyfriend / fiancé / husband, every valentine with you is so special and memorable.
  • Happy (number of valentines you have spent together, e.g. 5th) Valentines. Time passes so fast with you.
  • We’re the couple that everyone is jealous of on Valentine’s Day.



For Girlfriend / Fiancé / Wife

Make your partner feel special this Valentine’s Day with these charming messages – she deserves it!

Romatic wysteria Valentine's Day card for wife, fiancee, partner.


  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful girlfriend / fiancé / wife! I can’t wait to spend all day with you and spoil you rotten.
  • I know we are already together but it’s still nice to ask – will you be my valentine?
  • It gets harder each year to find the words that truly express how much I love you.



Heartfelt, Cheesy, Sappy & Romantic

Bring out your loving, romantic side with these romantic words for your card – it’s Valentine’s Day after all!

Thank you for making me smile every single day.


  • I wake up every morning smiling because I have you, will you be my valentine?
  • Thank you for being the sparkle in my life.
  • I love you more and more every day, my heart is so full this valentines.



Cheeky & Flirty

Make your other half blush with messages they won’t forget in a hurry!

  • Don’t forget to leave room for dessert tonight.
  • I am running out of gift ideas, guess you will just have to have me…
  • You’re right at the very top of my to do list this Valentine’s Day.



Funny & Jokey

For all the couples out there who thinks they’re comedians… Valentine’s isn’t just for romance!

Roses are red, violets are blue, this Valentine's Day is all about you.


  • You tickle my fancy, do you fancy a tickle?
  • I know you like European food, so be my valentine and let’s go Dutch.
  • I love you more than words can say, but this valentine’s meal you’ll have to pay.



Short & Simple

These messages are perfect for you if you don’t want to be too cringey but still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • You stole my heart but if you’d asked I would have given it to you anyway.
  • You make every day so special, Valentine’s is just a big bonus.
  • Thank you for brightening up my world every day, especially on Valentines Day.



For Long Distance Couples

Even though you can’t be together this valentine’s, still celebrate in style by sending a card with a lovely message inside.

No matter the distance, you will always be my favourite person and my home.


  • I wish we were together this Valentines but I look forward to when we no longer have to say goodbyes and instead wake up beside one another every day.
  • I’m missing you this valentines but next valentines I will be kissing you.
  • I love you when there’s distance but I’d also love to see more of you…



For Friends & Family

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic relationships, it can celebrate your family relationships and friendships too.

Happy Galentine's Day my lovlies, can't wait to celebrate with all of you.


  • I hope you have an amazing valentine’s day filled with everything you could ever want – you deserve it!
  • He / she better spoil you rotten this Valentine’s Day.
  • Who needs a girlfriend / boyfriend when I have you guys? No place I would rather be this Valentine’s Day.




Oops, you left it too late, but just because Valentine’s Day has been and gone doesn’t mean you and your other half can’t still celebrate! Make your own Valentine’s Day with these fab messages and start making it up to them.

I'm going to spend the next 364 days making up for this.


  • I know we couldn’t celebrate on actual Valentine’s Day this year but every day with you feels like valentines anyway.
  • Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I can’t believe I forgot when I think about you 24/7.
  • I am so sorry for the late card! I am hoping my forgetfulness is one of the reasons you fell in love with me?
  • Oh no I forgot; I love you a lot!



From the dog / cat

Make your other half or family members laugh with valentines messages from their pets!

  • I woof you so much, my favourite human ever!
  • I’m not just man’s best friend, I’m yours.
  • Have a purrfect Valentine’s Day!




If you’re too shy to say how you feel, but want to do valentines then we’ve got you covered.

Stop passing me by; make a pass at me!


  • Happy Valentine’s Day, love from your secret admirer (not in a creepy way).
  • Next Valentine’s Day I will pluck up the courage to sign my name, but for now have the best day – you deserve it.
  • Why is it so hard to tell someone how you feel? I just want you to know that you are amazing. Love from your secret admirer.



Valentine’s Quotes

If you love to add a great quote onto your cards or gift tags then look no further! Here are a handful of quotes we researched for you!

You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought - Arthur Conan Doyle


  • Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be. (Robert Browning)
  • A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. (Mignon McLaughlin)
  • Love is being stupid together. (Paul Valery)
  • Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. (Jean de La Fontaine)
  • All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. (Charles M. Schulz)



We did a lot of research on this blog to get a feel for the sort of Valentine's Day messages out there, however, all of the above we wrote for you and are original messages from Cardology for private and personal use only. If you wish to use them commercially or for profit, please obtain written consent from us before using. Quotes were researched from the sources and similar, below.

We took inspiration from amongst others:


Keith Saye
Keith Saye

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