Welcome to Cardology! We’re a family-run creative business, started by Kripa (my sister), David (my brother-in-law) and Dipa (me!) in 2014, to design and sell fantastic Pop-Up Cards.

 I first discovered this amazing craft called Kirigami (similar to Origami, but involves the cutting and folding of paper), years ago when I was travelling around Asia.  I saw different styles of 3D cards including Kirigami, but the ones that really captured my interest were the Sliceform Engineered cards, the really intricate ones that open up 180 degrees to have something inside completely “pop up”.  I love to call it Slicegami!

We started as a hobby.  It took us a while to learn how to create them and it wasn’t easy, but we were addicted! Kripa, a former engineer, took them apart (typical engineers!) and mastered the mechanics of how they work.  I have a background in Computer Science so was able to learn the various 3D modelling software needed to design new ones.  It was a match made in heaven.

In 2014, we were all enjoying high-flying careers, but felt we lacked real connections in our lives.  We craved for something exciting to focus on and all decided to take the plunge, hand in our notice(s) and start our own venture.

We look back now and think it was fate that we were all at the same stage in life, at the same time!  That’s when we decided to launch Cardology.  We each brought with us different skills and that’s why we work!  Kripa’s the creative one, whilst David brings an analytical brain, as well as marketing and commercial experience (plus diplomacy for when Kripa and I bicker from time to time, as sisters do! J).

Our overarching goal was to take the humble greetings card and offer customers something exceptional, for occasions and relationships that had special meaning.   In fast-changing times like these, we wanted to draw on our great history of gifting cards, to produce items that will have pride of place on display and in treasured memory drawers!

We started importing a few Asian-designed pop-up cards to test the market and very quickly realised that the designs, whilst beautiful, were not right for the British public.  We were lucky enough to have seen a great interest in the concept of these cards though, so we went full steam ahead, took a risk and invested heavily in designing and manufacturing our own unique cards, and we haven’t looked back since!

We look at people’s interests, hobbies and even emerging trends to get inspiration for our work.  So much thought goes into creating them and it’s the smallest details we think about, that make the pop-up cards even more special.  Since we launched our first range of around 15 cards, we’ve grown it to well over 100 unique handcrafted cards and still going!  We’re introducing lots of new products into our range, including 3D Wall art and Wedding invitations, so stay tuned.

We absolutely love creating new pop-up cards and artwork and watching people’s reactions and delight when opening them.

We hope you love our work and you get the same reaction from your loved ones!

Dipa x

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